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Hi, my name is Kaleb. I am a 5 month old baby boy. I was born with arthrogryposis. It took us by surprise when I was born and we finally learned of this condition. My diagnosis of arthrogryposis is amyoplasia.
 When I was 1 month old we finally had a name to call  this condition I had. There were so many things running through my mommy's head, she did not have any idea that I was the perfect baby that God was sending to her. Though it took my mommy a little while to accept things for what they were and to not question my God, she finally realized "I am what I am" and gives me the best of life that she can.
 Well now I am 5 months old and growing like a weed. I do physical and occupational therapy  through the week. I see my o.t. 2 times a week and I see my p.t. 1 time a week. I am progressing very well with all the therapy I receive. I can now get my hand up to my mouth, I really enjoy that because I can suck on it. I also can feel my very own hair!  Sometimes when I feel really good I can bend my own arm. My mommy likes to see me do that that's why I only do it sometimes because then the satisfaction will never go away!  There are some days though, I can't bend very well at all.
  So the people that read this understand the gratitude I get from these small things you need to know that when I was born I only had about 5 degrees bend in one arm and 10 degrees in the other one. You see I have come a long ways, I now have 35 and 40 degree range.
 Well my mommy and me are new at this so we would love to hear suggestions to make our web-site the best it can be. We also would love to have contact with people like me.  
        Thank you for visiting!!!!