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As I begin my walk through life....
I've done the unthinkable and I've conquered walking!Everyone knew I would walk but they just didn't know when. Over the holidays, Santa brought me more than toys and clothes, he brought me the courage to start taking my first steps through life. They were scary at first, but now, a herd of wild animals can't hold me down!
 Now that I'm actually walking I love it. I can go places that I was never able to go and i can reach new heights(literally).There are so many things I want to get into, I can just taste the excitement! I'm still learning to keep my balance when I start to fall and that is the hardest part because I don't have real good use of my arms yet. We are still working on that part of my problem.
 I wrote this insert because I want to encourage anyone else like me, or any other parents like my own to not give up and don't let anything stop you because WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE.