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As I've Grown
As I've grown over these past few months I have become much wiser.I have learned new ways of getting into EVERYTHING! I am adapting quite well with what God gave me and didn't give me. I think he knew I would be smart enough to get past life's obsticles,as we know, there are many.  
  Now that I am getting bigger I am learning to stand. I am still a little on the wobbly side but I am working on that. There are times I try to be bigger than I am and take off away from who ever has me.It then becomes there fault when I fall right on my face! Do you know how much hugs,kisses,and attention that has to offer?! Though I must say it's not a very way comfortable way to go about things.
 I am continuing my therapy but now it is in a different setting. My brother,Tristan has now become a part of it. We are involved in a program called  R.I.S.E. and it is here in our home town. It is a whole group of other kids with different dissabilities. There are a couple typically developing children in each group. Their purpose is to provide positive feed-back to us.My brother is one of the reverse inclusions. He teaches how to be rotten just like him!Anyway, I get my therapy in this group setting twice a week and one day out of the week I still do my therapy at the hospital. As I've said before, I am doing quite well and I am very proud of myself and when I accomplish something I am sure to let it show!
 Well I am trying to keep people up to date with my story and I hope to hear from those of you who read it.