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My Favorites
My most favorite thing right now is to EAT!  I love the different foods I get to try. My favorite food is banannas. I'm not too much on veggies but I do like sweet potatoes and carrots. My mommy just tried me on beef and gravy, it was okay but I prefer my sweets. I really like ice cream but it gives me a belly ache.
  Some of my other favorites are beaded necklaces, being pushed in my swing,  being tickled and I like to watch people. I especially  like to watch my brother, Tristan when he is playing. He plays with me and I like that, he makes me laugh all the time.  Sometimes when I am in my swing he pushes me and that is one of my favorite ways for him to play with me.
   Every now and then my mom puts me in an exersaucer to play and I enjoy that. I can bounce in that and when she gets me out I am still trying to bounce! That is another one of my favorites.
 Well when I get a little bigger and get some more favorites my mommy will let you know but for now this is what I enjoy.