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About Me
Now it's time to talk about me. I am a pretty good baby. There are some days I am a little crabby but what baby isn't? One of my favorite things is for people to blow raspberries on my tummy. That makes me laugh! I like for people to do the bicycle with my feet, I'll have to be fast to keep up with my brothers!
  It feels a little strange to me to not be able to move the way I am supposed to but I am learning new manuevers every day.  When I go to therpy that really loosens me up. I didn't like my therapists' at first but now I am getting used to them and don't mind going as much. They make me laugh,too. But when I have had enough they don't push it. One thing I don't like is to wear my splints for my elbow's. I am learning how to be a good manipulator. All I have to do is give "the look" and my mommy goes soft on me but I can tell she is getting hip to my game. I guess I better start getting used to them now because I am getting some twice as big and three times more bulky than the ones I have. As long as they do the trick I guess I will go easy on her.
  I am really starting to like my toys now that I can touch them. I also like being on my belly more because I have learned how to get my arm out from under me. As long as I can remember how to do it, I will be okay!

    Now that you know about me, I hope I can learn about some of you.